Our Mission

The Smart Brand Owner’s

Theme Of Choice

Some people call us ‘lazy’ because we don’t hustle for 16 hours per day, 7 days a week like them. But being overworked and having close to zero time with family and friends and wearing it like some badge of honor isn’t really our goal.

Instead, we choose to be smart.

That’s why we focus our efforts on developing the most efficient, bang-for-the-buck solutions and systems that help grow ecommerce brands…

…without being practically chained to our desks and sacrificing what we fought for in the first place: time and financial freedom.

From UX-centric design that flows seamlessly from mobile, tablet, or desktop… to 51+ Add-Ons which subtly but effectively persuade your customers to click the buy button… and top-notch Client Success Champions always ready to help with whatever question you have… we’ve done it all for you.

Unchain Ecommerce Brands

We help Brand Owners break the chains that hold them from unleashing the full potential of their Ecommerce stores. We believe Brand Owners don’t have to worry about compatibility, integrations, and all the other headaches from managing different third-party apps every single day. Because time is valuable and it’s better spent on things that matter most to you.

With Haigh + Martino as your partner, you’ll get everything you need to ‘break free’ and successfully take your ecommerce brand to the next level:

The Smart Way to Scale – one-click smart optimization plus automations so you won’t have to worry about overspending on ads promoting stores that simply don’t convert

Lightning-quick loading speed. Average load speed of around 1.5s, even with all Add-Ons turned on.

Built primarily for mobile. Fluid on any platform. Seamless user-experience every step of the way which makes it easier for your customers to hit the buy button (and do it over and over again…)

“No less than amazing” customer support (at least that’s what our clients say)